smooth youthful skin

Using SKIN PHOTO REJUVENATION technology, the skin which is not pigmented is rejuvenated as the IPL stimulates new elastin and collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin to give you that smooth, youthful look. 



At the time of the first consultation, clients will be evaluated for the correct settings for their skin condition and skin type. This information will be stored in your  client chart for future reference.


After treatment includes gentle cleansing, applying moisturiser and avoiding the sun as much as possible. If you do venture out into the sun, make sure you wear a hat and apply sunblock with an SPF of 30+ on an hourly basis. Clients are able to return immediately to their normal activities.


When following the treatment guidelines, clients experience consistent visible and long lasting improvement to the skin.  


Regain your youthful glow by removing unattractive pigment spots and restore the fresh skin you once had.


Some know these by different names - age spots, freckles, lentigines, or liver spots. There are a range of different types of pigmentation which vary in appearance, what depth in the skin they lie, and how responsive they are to treatment.


With high intensity light from lasers and IPL’s we're able to specifically target the pigment and destroy it. In careful hands, this is done gently, so that not all pigment in the area is affected, and the background colour is preserved.

Frequently asked questions

Got a few questions? That’s okay, we’ve tried to cover as much as we can below but if you have any other questions be sure to Get In Touch with us – we’d be happy to help with your enquiry.

What does pigment treatment involve?

Treatment is surprisingly quick, with even large numbers of brown spots able to be treated in less than 20 minutes. No preparation is required, but it is important not to have fake tan on. Makeup and sunblock should be removed prior to treatment.

How will my skin look afterwards?

Immediately afterwards the area reddens and may burn like sunburn, but this is short-lived. Some swelling of the spots will be seen. If large areas or many spots are being treated, significant swelling can occur after treatment, especially under the eyes. Downtime from work is variable. A few spots will usually not entail downtime. By day two, the pigment starts to darken, and over the next few days crusts over and then literally washes off. This will take 5 - 7 days on the face and 10 - 14 days on the body. Use of a broad-spectrum SPF50 sunscreen is essential to minimise the risk of re-pigmentation or even hyperpigmentation.


Most clients return to work and can have a treatment in a "lunch hour". Make-up can be immediately applied to the treated area. In a week or so the pigmentation will peel and bruising will fade leaving a fresh new complexion. Acne clients report a clearer and fresher complexion.

How many rejuvenation treatments are needed?

Treatment is generally administered in a series of 4-5 sessions at 4-6 week intervals to provide excellent long-term results, minimum adverse effects and high satisfaction. Each treatment takes roughly 45 minutes.